Guest Speakers

We value the opportunity to bring parents and educators together

Our Guest Speaker program provides members of our community with the opportunity to come together and hear from a range of experts. Topics covered vary, and may include early childhood education, parenting, childhood health, safety and wellbeing and more.


Sue Dengate Presents: ‘Fed up with Childrens Behavior’

Our food has changed drastically over the last 30 years, and so have food-related problems.

Additives are now used in healthy foods such as bread, butter, yoghurt, juice or muesli bars as well as in junk food. About 50 additives have been shown to affect health, behaviour and learning in children and adults. For more information about Sue Dengate please visit

Melbourne’s Super Nanny

Guiding children towards positive behaviour’ presented by Heather Barnes.

Heather Barnes delivers professional learning sessions for the Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) – funded Professional Support Coordinators in many states and territories as well as keynote addresses and training for other organisations in the early childhood sector.

Miriam Raleigh from Child Nutrition presented: ‘fussy eaters’

Miriam Raleigh is a Registered Dietitian who specialises in helping children and their families with different nutritional concerns.

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